osteogenesis imperfecta: dispoussr!


The report on work in 2006.


Gathering data on people, owners OI which live in territory of Russia and all former Soviet Union proceeds.


The invalids living in Russia, owners OI, now are really incorporated by two Internet - resources:

http://www.osteogenes.ucoz.ru/  and http://dispoussr.narod.ru/


After long crisis in work, the manager of site Nostiog Sergey Il'jushin has declared, that refuses management of a site. Site Nostiog becomes Sergey Il'jushina's personal information page (. Frjasino, the Moscow area).


 In May, 2006 in the American Medical Centre (Moskow) treatment bisphosphonates groups of children, owners OI began.



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The page is created January, 25, 2007.


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